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Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most popular national parks in the United States and a place you should definitely visit. It’s located in southern Utah near tons of other national parks, like Arches, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon, so many travelers visit Zion for a few days and then go to another park. If you are trying to visit multiple national parks in Utah and the Southwest, this itinerary for 2 days in Zion National Park will help you plan your visit. 

There are tons of hikes in Zion that range from extremely difficult and dangerous to very easy and relaxing. Each hike gives you a different, yet majestic, view of Zion. Luckily, there are lots of day hikes in Zion, so you can fit a few of these into your Zion National Park 2 Day Itinerary. 

Remember that when visiting Zion National Park for 2 days, you will need a US National Parks Pass. They are $80 for an annual pass which expires one year from the day you buy it.

Where to Stay for 2 Days in Zion

During your 2 days in Zion, there are a few different places you can stay at depending on how you like to travel and your budget. 

Zion National Park has a few campsites—South Campground and Watchmen Campground— that are available for reservation. You can reserve your campsite at Zion here. If all the sites are sold out, you can do backcountry camping or ask at the campsites when you arrive in Zion. Sometimes people cancel or don’t show up, so you may get lucky and find an open campsite!

If camping isn’t your thing, the city of Springfield, Utah is just outside of Zion National Park and is a great, little town with restaurants, bars, and plenty of hotels and Airbnbs. Book one, and drive into Zion when you’re ready to explore!

Check out I’m Jess Traveling’s post for a full breakdown of Where to Stay in Zion National Park.

Zion National Park Itinerary

Gear for 2 Days in Zion

You will want quality gear that will hold up during your 2 days in Zion. This includes hiking shoes, a backpack, water bottles, or camelback, and all the little stuff like sunscreen

You will be doing multiple day hikes during your 2 days in Zion, so to be completely prepared for any kind of weather, read our Day Hike Packing List.

You can also heck out our Travel Gear page for more information on recommended travel gear and items to help make your trip be the best it can be.

Now that you have a place to stay, let’s get to the fun stuff for how to spend 2 days in Zion National Park!

Day 1 at Zion

Hike Angels Landing

One of the most famous hikes at Zion is Angels Landing. It is most famous for the spectacular views hikers are rewarded with at the end and the treacherous last half mile to get to the viewpoint, known as Angels Landing. 

2 days in zion itinerary

Angels Landing is one of the most dangerous hikes in America and the world because the last half mile is narrow and has 1,000+ feet drops off either side. There is a metal chain for you to hold onto for most of this part though.

That being said, do not attempt Angels Landing if you have a fear of heights, there’s a chance of bad weather, or you simply don’t feel prepared. It’s not worth the risk. 

Read our full Guide to Hiking Angels Landing for more information to see if it’s a day hike you want to do during your 2 days in Zion. 

Hiking Angels Landing

If Angels Landing is not for you, check out the Emerald Pools Hike. This is a lot less strenuous and dangerous, but still provides wonderful views of Zion Canyon.

Day 2 in Zion

Hike the Narrows

The Narrows is Zion’s other famous hike. This hike follows the Virgin River upstream towards into the canyon which continuously narrows around you, giving it its name. 

The narrows 2 days in zion

You will get wet while hiking The Narrows because you’ll be in the river. This means that you will want some special gear, which you can buy ahead of time or rent at numerous places in Springfield. 

The number one thing you will want is a Dry Bag. A dry bag is waterproof and can go in any backpack you already have. This will keep any electronics, food, or maps free from water and totally dry. 

The Sea to Summit Dry Bags can be purchased in different sizes depending on how much stuff you want to carry and are great for traveling in wet conditions in general! 

You can also opt for a waterproof backpack, like the Arkadia Sea to Sky Backpack. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and completely waterproof. 

Aside from something waterproof to keep your stuff dry, you might want to consider a waterproof camera, like a GoPro, or a waterproof case for your phone. You will definitely want to take pictures while hiking The Narrows at Zion, but you won’t want to risk damaging your camera.

The biggest danger in hiking The Narrows is the chance of a flash flood. Even if there are clear skies at the entrance to The Narrows, there might be a chance of rain upstream. If this happens, all that water will come rushing downstream, which is very dangerous for hikers in The Narrows. 

Check with the Park Ranger Station to see if it’s safe to hike The Narrows. You can also check online here. If there’s a chance of rain, even upstream, skip it, and do it the first of your 2 days in Zion.

If The Narrows doesn’t sound like your kind of hike, check out the Watchmen Trail. It goes up a little in elevation and is a moderate hike, but has fantastic views.

Views from Watchmen Hike Zion

For a very easy hike, try the Pa’rus Trail, which follows the river on the Zion Canyon floor. It gives you great views of the river, a chance to see wildlife, and stunning views looking up at the magnificent canyon walls.

While you could easily spend more time here, it is definitely possible to only do 2 days in Zion National Park and get a lot out of your trip!

If you have a few extra days to be in Zion, you could do some more hikes and see more of the park. However, with seeing Angels Landing and The Narrows, you can leave feeling as though you got the most our of your 2 days in Zion National Park. 

Hiking Angels Landing Recommendations

If you want to visit other national parks in the area, read our 6 Day Itinerary to Visit Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Grand Canyon too!

Do you only have one day in Zion? Check out our itinerary for One Day in Zion National Park!

If you don’t want the hassle of planning and booking everything yourself, we offer Travel Planning Services to take the stress out of planning your trip. We work with you to plan your trip, so it perfectly fits your style of travel. 

Visiting Zion is a must for anyone who loves to get outdoors and explore. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind national park and a place everyone should visit. Hopefully, this Zion National Park 2 Day Itinerary has helped you plan your 2 days in Zion and inspired you to visit!

Zion National Park 2 Day Itinerary

What would you recommend doing for a 2 Day Itinerary in Zion National Park? Do you have a favorite hike at Zion?

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