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In exactly 2 months from today, we arrive in Spain!

It still all seems a bit surreal and far off. We’re still in our current apartment, working our summer jobs, and enjoying time with friends and family in Milwaukee. 

But, we also know these 2 months will fly by and soon enough we’ll be stepping off the plane in Madrid and starting at our jobs teaching in Spain!

Teach English in Spain Auxiliares

As we approach this 2 month deadline, we’ve already told our jobs we’re leaving—we’re both educators so they knew at the end of the school year. We’ve put in our notice at our apartment and started selling off as much stuff as we can while deciding what we’re bringing with us.

We have also collected all our documents to apply for our Spain visas, which we will send to the Consulate of Spain in Chicago next week. Then, we wait for them to approve and send them back. 

Once our visas are back in hand, we’re all ready to go!

Bringing Dog to Spain

Churro has her new crate for the plane and is getting used to making it home. It’s been a little adjustment from her old crate, but with lots of treats and time, she’s making it home. 

She will need to get the appropriate documents and vaccines from her vet as our flight approaches. We will be doing a post all about bringing your dog to Spain once we have completely gone through the process, so stay tuned for that!

We’ll also be detailing exactly how to apply for a Spanish visa at the Chicago Consulate once we complete that process.

Dog in Spain

Obviously, once we are in Spain we’ll be writing all about the ups and downs, and ins and outs that come with living and working abroad. 

Aside from all the bureaucracy involved with moving abroad and all the logistics of moving out of our current apartment, we are feeling pretty confident about going and really trying to enjoy our last few months in Milwaukee. Although, we are working quite a bit so we aren’t burning through our money over the summer. 

We’d rather spend it once in Spain!

We’ll be sure to keep updating you as we get closer and closer to moving to Spain. Remember that if you’re interested in how we’re going to Spain, read all about the Auxiliares de Conversación Program in Spain

This program is a perfect way for Americans to teach English in Spain!

Let us know if you have any questions you’d like us to answer or address as we lead up to our move!

Have you ever moved abroad? If not, have you ever considered it? Where would you want to move or where did you move? 

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