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Mostar is a small, but incredibly beautiful, town in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It’s full of history given the recent Bosnian War. Bosnia & Herzegovina is not the most popular place to visit in Europe. However, Mostar is definitely worth visiting!

It’s located close to Dubrovnik, which receives plenty of visitors… In fact, it’s a perfect day-trip from Dubrovnik and would provide the over-visited Croatian city some relief from tourists. Plus, visiting Mostar will allow you to visit another country that’s rich in history and full of delicious food!

Mostar View

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Visit Mostar Market

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Stari Most Mostar
Best Photos of Stari Most Mostar

Hopefully, you are now inspired to add Mostar and Bosnia & Herzegovina to your travel list and maybe include it on your next Europe trip!

Have you ever visited Mostar? What recommendations do you have for someone wanting to visit Mostar?

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