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Traveling with your partner can be very telling. It may make or break your relationship. We’ve found that our relationship has become a lot stronger because we travel together. There are things we’ve experienced traveling that we wouldn’t have at home.

While traveling with your partner for the first time can seem daunting, you can really learn a lot about each other. It’s definitely a big step in a relationship to commit to taking a trip together, but it’s worth doing if you both like to travel because it can make your relationship much stronger.

Here are 5 Ways Traveling Has Made Our Relationship Stronger:

Traveling Made Our Relationship Stronger


With any trip you take, you have to plan, at least a little. When you’re traveling with your partner, you have to plan together.

There are some big decisions to make.

Where you want to go and what type of trip you want to go on: an all-inclusive resort or do you want to backpack?

Where do you want to stay: a luxury, boutique hotel, Airbnb, or a hostel?

What do you want to do? Museums? Clubbing? Tours?

Then, there are all the smaller ones too.

Where do you want to eat?

Do you want to walk, take public transit, get an Uber/Lyft, or rent a car?

What are you going to do today and in what order?

All of these things boil down to having to talk and plan together. We believe that because we have traveled together quite a bit, the planning process has really made our relationship stronger.

Neither of us are the strongest decision makers to say the least, so there have been conflicts when neither of us wants to make a decision on what to do. However, in planning trips together, we’ve definitely built a strong relationship and believe it wouldn’t be as strong as it is today without all of our travel experiences.

Traveling Made Our Relationship Stronger
Go Pack Go!


Any strong relationship needs partners who are willing to compromise, and this only becomes more true when traveling. When you’re traveling in a new city or country, sometimes neither of you know the correct answer and there are plenty of challenges that you can face. Being flexible and willing to compromise help a lot in these situations.

Being able to compromise when traveling has made it much easier to compromise at home when we are in our typical surroundings. It has made what would have been big deals seem like little deals.

Traveling Made Our Relationship Stronger

Time Together

Obviously spending time together, and enjoying spending time together, is very important because it’s a vital part of any relationship. When you are traveling with your partner, you are going to spending a lot of time together, so it’s a great opportunity to make your relationship stronger.

On the flip side, you might notice that you don’t like spending that much time with your partner which is probably going to be an issue later on.

Luckily, we’ve found that we love spending time together. We always have fun no matter what the conditions are. For example, when we were more or less trapped inside during a torrential downpour in Costa Rica, we managed to make the best of it and actually launched our blog during that time!

We also had to heavily lean on each other for emotional support during a terrible experience at a summer camp in Spain through Workaway. Without each other, neither of us would have survived the camp. The experience was that bad…

Traveling also allows you to spend a sizable amount of time with just you and your partner because you might be in a new place and not know anyone else. This time together traveling, exploring, and enjoying each other’s company is invaluable.

Traveling Made Our Relationship Stronger


While we just mentioned a few “bad” experiences we’ve had, there are more than enough wonderful ones we could write about. When you are traveling, all your experiences are that much more vivid.

We couldn’t tell you what we ate for lunch three days ago, but we could nearly retrace our steps from a trip years ago and recall everything we saw, everywhere we went, and everything we ate. Your senses are firing on all cylinders when you are traveling.

Because of how wonderful, horrible, amazing, and vivid travel experiences can be, being able to experience all of this with your partner makes travel such a great way to strengthen your relationship. We have such outstanding memories that we made together on our travels, and we will have them forever.

Traveling with your partner and building up all those fantastic memories will help continue to build your relationship.

How Traveling Made Our Relationship Stronger


Anyone giving advice on relationships will tell you that communication is key. Without communication, there is little chance for success of any relationship.

Traveling together has made our relationship stronger because we have to communicate to simply get through small daily tasks, especially when we’re in a foreign country where they speak a language we don’t.

We have to figure out things like how to navigate public transportation, how early to get to the airport, and are we over budget or not? While these aren’t the most major issues that can occur in a relationship that challenge a couple’s communication, sometimes it’s the little episodes in life where you can grow your relationship and make it stronger that will help you down the road when something more major does arise.

Circulo de las Bellas Artes Madrid

We believe that our communication as a couple has grown a lot through traveling and has played a huge role in making our relationship stronger.

There are plenty of ways to make your relationship stronger, but we believe that traveling together is up there near the top. You and your partner can learn so much from each other from traveling together. Our relationship is stronger because of traveling.

It can be difficult to take that leap and travel with a partner. While traveling can make or break some relationships, it can also help give you that insight into a relationship and realize if your partner is the person for you or not. Traveling with your partner is worth it, and just like our’s, we know it can make your relationship stronger too.

Have you ever traveled with a partner? Did traveling together make your relationship stronger? If yes, how so? If not, why not?


  1. Wonderful post! I loved reading this one and especially loved the photos. I think as two people travel together, they also begin to learn strengths of each person. This is particularly true when there are glitches with traveling because you usually have to react/solve quickly. We find that when there is an issue, we both go into our own ‘problem solving skill set’ to resolve the issue as a couple, but both using skills we are good at. These complementary skills work in day to day activities too. Thanks for another great post!

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