About Us

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We’re Mike and Becca, and as anyone who knows us will tell you, we are very passionate about traveling, both individually and as a couple. Before meeting we traveled a bunch on our own, but now are lucky enough to be able to do it together.

Our idea behind this blog was to document our travels and share our experiences, so others could have the same delicious food, see some of the incredible sights, and experience some of the wonderful cultures we did. On the other hand, it would also allow us to share the many mistakes we made while traveling, so others don’t have to make the same mistakes we did.

We don’t travel full-time and are not full-time travel bloggers. In fact, we both have full-time jobs back home in Wisconsin at public schools and find the time to get out and travel when we have the chance.  Fortunately, this is quite often considering we both work in education. As of right now, we don’t have specific plans to travel long-term. However, traveling and eating our way around the world does sound extremely appealing.


Currently a student getting his teaching license, Mike works full-time at a public school in Milwaukee as an ESL teacher. Mike has his bachelors degree in public administration and political science and a minor in 3D Art. A few years back, he lived in Logroño, Spain for two years while teaching English. Other than traveling, he likes running, biking, and researching where him and Becca are going next. Mike’s favorite places he’s visited have been Croatia, Spain, and Cuba.


Becca is currently a school social worker in Milwaukee. She has her bachelors degree in social work and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go badgers!), and her MSW from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Becca enjoys running, dancing, eating, playing with her dog, Churro, and looking up the best travel deals. Becca’s top 3 countries she has visited have been Croatia, Argentina, and the Netherlands.

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