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Whether we’re traveling or at home, pizza is food we’re always down to eat. We’re not the only ones, as pizza is a favorite food for many people. When we’re visiting a new city, we try to ask locals or look online for the best restaurants—in this case the best pizza restaurants—but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes we eat at excellent restaurants, and other times they’re duds. Seeing that we live in Milwaukee, we wanted to write a post about the best pizza restaurants in Milwaukee to help out people visiting Milwaukee because we know that finding a good, quality restaurant isn’t always easy when traveling.

Here’s our list of the best pizza restaurants in Milwaukee:

Transfer Pizzeria Café

Transfer Pizzeria Café has been a long-time favorite of our’s for pizza in Milwaukee. It’s a classic Milwaukee pizza spot that offers up typical as well as more imaginative pizzas. 

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Transfer

While they offer a wonderful dinner service, their lunch deal is incredible too! Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 3:30 you can get a personal pizza with cheese plus one topping and a drink for only $7.95!

Transfer has been one of our favorite places for pizza in Milwaukee for years, and it’s never disappointed!

Wy’East Pizza

Wy’East Pizza is somewhat of a newcomer to the Milwaukee pizza scene. It’s been a round for a few years but doesn’t have the name recognition or clout that some of the others on this list do. However, it certainly should because Wy’East cooks up some of the best pizza in Milwaukee.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Wy'East

Originally a food truck in Portland, Wy’East’s owners moved back to Milwaukee and opened what now is Wy’East Pizza on Milwaukee’s west side on N Hawley Rd. and W Vliet St. They have a special pizza dough recipe that they make once a day. When they run out of the dough, they stop making pizza. 

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Wy'East Pizza

Their pizzas are unique and imaginative. They also offer a few rotating pizzas that vary depending on seasonal ingredients. Although more and more people have heard of Wy’East Pizza, it’s still a lesser known restaurant for pizza in Milwaukee, even for Milwaukeeans. 

Riverwest Pizza

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Riverwest, Riverwest Pizza serves up yummy thin-crust pizzas that range from traditional to specialty. The restaurant itself is quaint and fits right into the charm of the Riverwest neighborhood that’s known for having a more alternative vibe than Milwaukee’s East Side or Downtown. 

We’ve been to Riverwest Pizza a few times and have ordered a few different pizzas. The sauce was on the lighter side than some other pizza places, but the pizzas were outstanding. If you’re in Riverwest and craving pizza, this is the place to go.

Santino’s Little Italy

Kind of hidden away in the northern part of the Bay View neighborhood is Santino’s Little Italy. Santino’s is more of a classic Italian restaurant that offers pizza as part of its menu, instead of a pizza-specific restaurant. Their pizza is still really good though.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Santinos
Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Santinos Pizza

The pizza at Santino’s is more classic, as they have fewer pies that stray into the more unique/specialty realm. However, they make the classic pizzas really well. It’s worth the visit if you’re in Bay View, especially if others in your party aren’t feeling pizza because their other option are great too.

Carini’s Conca di Oro

Carini’s Conca di Oro is another Italian restaurant that also serves up some mean pizza in Milwaukee. They have a lot of other delicious Italian dishes as well, and is located on the Upper East Side near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Oakland Ave. 

Carini’s is another good place for “classic” pizza in Milwaukee, especially when you’re dining with others who aren’t wanting to eat pizza. 

Pizza Man

Pizza Man used to just be located on Downer Ave on Milwaukee’s East side, but now they’ve expanded with a few different locations in the area, including Oak Creek and Wauwatosa. We’ve only been to the Milwaukee location, so we can’t speak to the others. But if they’re anything like the one we went to, the pizza is fantastic. 

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee Pizza Man

We ate here with a larger group and did their family style pizza dinner where you get 3 appetizers and 4 pizzas for $16.95 per person. Plus, you can order more pizza for no extra charge if your stomach can fit anything else in it. The 4 pizzas we ordered were all amazingly delicious, and we thought Pizza Man challenged some of these others for our favorite pizza restaurant in Milwaukee. 


Lisa’s Pizzeria is also located on Oakland Ave. They have some great thin-crust pizzas that are also available for delivery. While you can add additional toppings to your pizza, the pizzas on their menu are fairly standard. However, they’re great thin-crust pizzas that can be delivered right to your door if you just want to stay in and keep binge watching Netflix.

There are a lot of places to find pizza, but in our opinion, these are some of the best pizza restaurants in Milwaukee. 

What do you think are some of the best pizza restaurants in Milwaukee? Do you have a favorite that we missed and need to check out?

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