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Milwaukee is not exactly known for vegan food. Instead, it’s best known for cheese, fried cheese, bratwurst, and fish frys, among other traditional Milwaukee foods. However, there are plenty of vegan restaurants in Milwaukee that you need to try, whether you are vegan or not!

This guide to the best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee is made up of restaurants that are all vegan or nearly all vegan. If you are looking for restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options in Milwaukee, read all about them in our post here

So let’s get started with Milwaukee’s best vegan restaurants!


Best Milwaukee Vegan Food Celesta

Celesta is one of the best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee. They offer a small, but varied, menu that changes constantly with different specials, including rotating desserts by @the_baker_girl10

Eating at Celesta is an absolute must for any vegan in Milwaukee. Their dining area is small, so make a reservation if you are planning to dine in as it will fill up fast!

Vegan Restaurants Milwaukee Celesta

While you can order anything and will be delighted, get the Roasted Za’atar Cauliflower and Buffalo Seitan “Chicken” Sandwich.

Twisted Plants

Vegan Restaurants Milwaukee Twisted Plants

Twisted Plants is newer to the vegan restaurant scene in Milwaukee, but it’s one you cannot miss! 

It’s a black-owned business that is actually located just south of Milwaukee in Cudahy, but their food is so good it had to be included.

Twisted Plants Milwaukee Vegan

 Their small menu includes burgers, sandwiches, and a host of sides that you will not want to miss out on. Order the Soul Plane or Pineapple Express with a side of Cauliflower Bites with Sweet Chili sauce.

Dead Bird Brewing Co.

Dead Bird Brewing Vegan

Milwaukee is well-known for all of it’s breweries and rich brewing history, but Dead Bird Brewing Co. is the very first all vegan brewery in Milwaukee! 

Aside from the beer, they have a delicious mix of food options with their Big Baby Vegan Deli. This includes sandwiches, wraps, and deli items, like potato salad and TuNo salad. 

While their vegan food and beer are great reasons to visit, they also host about 20 retro arcade games that will keep the whole family entertained.

Make sure to order the Patty Melt or Wakey Wakey along with some Wine Thief Beer.

Dead Bird also has rotating non-alcoholic sodas that they make themselves and their very own hard seltzers, if beer isn’t your thing. 

Strange Town

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee Strange Town

Strange Town is another great vegan restaurant in Milwaukee with a host of different small plates that rotate based on the season. With rotating small plates, it’s the perfect date spot because you can try a bunch of different foods!

Strange Town is also a smaller restaurant so make sure to make a reservation before you go! If available, order up the Tacu Tacu and Samosa Chaat.

Maya Ophelia’s 

Maya Ophelias Milwaukee Vegan Food

Maya Ophelia’s creates vegan plates of your favorite Latin and Filipino food, making it a truly one-of-a-kind menu in Milwaukee. 

Maya Ophelia’s does not have a regular storefront restaurant, but rather is a pop-up that operates out of other Milwaukee bars, like the Mothership or Cooperage. Check their Facebook page or Instagram to find out where they are, so you can get some of their delicious vegan food.

Their menu rotates and includes a lot of specials, so you will always have something new to choose from. If it’s available, order the Chimichanga or their Trapwrap Tuesday special.

Urban Beets Cafe & Juicery

Urban Beets Milwaukee

Urban Beets Cafe & Juicery is an all-vegan restaurant in Wauwatosa, just west of Milwaukee. This is the only all-vegan restaurant in this area, so if you’re staying there or in the area, make sure to check it out!

They have a wide variety of items, which include sandwiches, burgers, acai bowls, juices, and an entire breakfast menu. Urban Beets Cafe & Juicery also has fantastic gluten-free and soy-free options on top of being an all vegan restaurant. 

When you visit, order the Sunnyside Smoothie Bowl or the Poke Bowl with carrot lox. 

On the Bus

On the Bus Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee

On the Bus is a very popular vegan restaurant in Milwaukee because it’s located in the Milwaukee Public Market—a great place to go when visiting Milwaukee. 

This vegan restaurant has a smaller menu full of wonderful vegan burger, sandwiches, and shakes! It’s the perfect place to grab food when you’re with other people because they can always order from another vendor inside the Public Market if they’re not feeling the vegan food at On the Bus.

They have a ton of great options, but go for the Pink Coconut Bowl or Chicago Burger and add any shake if you’re looking for a little dessert!

Blooming Lotus Bakery

Blooming Lotus Bakery isn’t a restaurant, but rather it’s a vegan bakery. This means that everything they make is vegan! If you are looking for vegan sweets in Milwaukee, Blooming Lotus is the place to go. They have a huge selection, and it’s all incredible. 

Debating what to get? Order the Carrot Cake Cupcake with Toffee Frosting or the Peanut Butter Bars.


Bunny’s Bites

Bunny’s Bites is on here has a bonus because while it isn’t a vegan restaurant in Milwaukee, it is a local vegan baker. You can find Bunny’s Bites at different locations throughout Milwaukee, like Dead Bird Brewing Co, or at farmers’ markets. 

Check out her website and instagram to find out where you can buy Bunny’s Bites this week! You can also buy online and have them shipped!

While it’s known for beer, cheese, and brats, there are now tons of great vegan restaurants in Milwaukee, which means you won’t get bored eating vegan in Brew City. 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Which vegan restaurants in Milwaukee have you tried? What’s your favorite vegan restaurant in Milwaukee?

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