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Croatia has become one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, with Dubrovnik being its crown jewel of tourism. It’s picturesque Old Town surrounded by castle-like walls set against the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. How could you not want to visit Dubrovnik? This Dubrovnik Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to this incredible Croatian city. 

Travel Guide Dubrovnik

Something to keep in mind when traveling to Dubrovnik is that it has become such a huge tourism spot that it now suffers from overtourism

The overtourism in Dubrovnik is real, and it has impacted the city quite a bit. If you choose to visit Dubrovnik, please do it responsibly and be aware of your impact on the locals.

How to Get to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has an airport with many flights coming in and out. It is about 20 minutes outside of the city by car though. A taxi will cost you roughly 170 kn (€22 or $25). It’s more expensive than the bus, but try to split the ride with other people. 

There are buses from the Dubrovnik airport to the city, but they take about 35 minutes. The bus costs 50 kn (€7 or $8) and is available on the bus. You will want to get off at the Pile Gate stop. The main bus station in Dubrovnik is a little further from Old Town.

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Old Town Dubrovnik is where most of the things to see in Dubrovnik are. However, it’s the most expensive area of the city and the most crowded with tourists. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Dubrovnik look outside Old Town.

Dubrovnik is essentially built between the sea and a mountain, so the city stretches out along the coast in both directions from the Old Town and creeps up the mountainside as far as it can. If you are don’t mind walking a little bit, there are great places to stay in Dubrovnik if you are on a budget outside of the Old Town or up the mountain a little. These will save you some money and allow you to get away from other travelers and tourist hoards for a while. 

Dubrovnik City Walls

Depending on your travel budget and how you like to travel will determine what type of accommodation you want. Hostels are great for budget travelers and hotels are typically better for those with a bigger budget who want the amenities and comfort of a private room in a hotel. Airbnbs are generally somewhere in the middle as some are entire houses or apartments and others are a private room in a local’s house. 

Your preferences will determine which one you want to book. If you’re feeling lost in planning your trip, we offer our Travel Planning Services to help you plan the trip of your dreams!

What to Do in Dubrovnik

Walking the Dubrovnik Walls

Walking Old Town Dubrovnik Walls

If there is one super popular thing to do in Dubrovnik, it is walking the Dubrovnik Walls of the Old Town. It is a little pricey, and you will be surrounded by other travelers. Walking the Dubrovnik walls is absolutely worth it though. Read our post all about walking the walls in Dubrovnik.

If there’s one thing you pay for in Old Town Dubrovnik, do this! As we mentioned, the entire Old Town is located within castle-like walls, and you can pay to walk all the way around the top. Your 200 kn ($30 or €26.50) entry fee will get you some of the most spectacular views of Dubrovnik. In summer it will be hot. There’s not a lot of shade, so bring some water and sunscreen because the walk will take about 2 hours. There is also the option to leave and re-enter the wall if the weather gets to be unbearable

Banje Beach

While Dubrovnik sits right on the Adriatic Sea, there aren’t too many great sandy beaches by Dubrovnik. However, the closest beach to Dubrovnik is Banje Beach. It’s a little rocky but the perfect place to relax on the beach near the city. It’s only about a 5 minute walk from Dubrovnik. 

Check out these other amazing beaches in Dubrovnik by Places of Juma!

Renting a Boat

Renting a Boat Dubrovnik

Renting a boat in Dubrovnik is very easy. It’s a great way to explore all the islands that are so close to the city, and you don’t even need a boating license to do it! 

You can rent a boat in Dubrovnik that’s smaller and under a certain amount of horsepower with just a regular driver’s license. Renting the boat is relatively hassle free and gives you a great chance to explore the sea around Dubrovnik on your own and be on the water for the day. Read more about renting a boat in Dubrovnik.

Cable Car Ride

You can ride the cable car from Dubrovnik up to the top of the mountain for an amazing view of the city and the Adriatic Sea. It’s 150 kn (€20 or $22) for the round-trip ticket. Here are the timetables and prices for the Dubrovnik cable car.

Lokrum Island

There are many smaller islands around Dubrovnik that you can easily get to, but Lokrum Island is the easiest. It’s only 10 minutes from Dubrovnik and is easily accessible by boat. 

Lokrum Island is a popular destination for people visiting Dubrovnik because it’s a nature reserve and a beautiful escape from the city of Dubrovnik. Plus, Lokrum was also used as a filming location for the HBO hit-series Game of Thrones. There’s even a Game of Thrones museum there!

Boats go from Dubrovnik to Lokrum every half hour in the summer and a little less frequently the rest of the year. The ticket to Lokrum costs 150 kn (€20 or $22), which includes entry to the island itself.The boat will leave from the Dubrovnik Port and arrive at Lokrum. Read more about the Dubrovnik to Lokrum boat timetable and prices.

Game of Thrones Tour

Lokrum was not the only part of Dubrovnik used to film Game of Thrones. Much of the Old Town was actually used to film the series. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you can take a Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik to see where all your favorite parts were filmed!

Trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar

Mostar Photograph

Everyone loves a good day trip or overnight trip, and Dubrovnik has the perfect one! You even get to visit and explore an entirely new country too!

Dubrovnik to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very easy trip. It’s not the shortest day trip, so it’s recommended to at least a night in Mostar. However, you could do a day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar if you wanted. For more information, read all about Spending One Day in Mostar.

Read How to Travel from Dubrovnik to Mostar for a Day Trip or More to plan your Dubrovnik to Mostar day trip!

Where to Eat in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik can be a very expensive place to eat, especially when compared to other cities in Croatia and surrounding countries. If you are a budget traveler in Dubrovnik, it’s important to know this to try to save money while traveling here. 

Burek Stands

Bureks Street Food Mostar

Burek in Dubrovnik is going to be a cheaper food option, but is one that all people traveling to Dubrovnik should eat at, regardless of budget.

Bureks are a pastry back with phyllo dough and filled with different tasty fillings. They are very popular throughout Southeastern Europe and are available in both sweet and savory options. Go for the cheese and spinach filled ones!

Poklisar Restoran

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Poklisar Restoran is a restaurant near the Old Town port of Dubrovnik, Porat. It is a little fancier and more expensive than some other places, but has fantastic Crni Rižo, a must-try Croatian food. Crni Rižo is a risotto had with squid and dyed black from the squid’s ink and then covered in fresh cheese. You will not be disappointed with this Croatian dish!


Barba is a smaller restaurant located up some steps from the main street, Prijeko ul. They are known for their delicious seafood. It’s an order-at-the-counter restaurant, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality. Try the octopus burger and fresh oysters!

Pizzeria Mirakul

Pizzeria Mirakul Dubrovnik

If you are looking for pizza in Old Town Dubrovnik, head to Pizzeria Mirakul. It’s right in the heart of Old Town but just off the main streets down some of the narrow, twisting side streets. Being there will transport you away from the crowded main streets of Old Town. The pizza isn’t too expensive given its location, but it’s not super cheap either.

Where to Drink in Dubrovnik

Finding a place to drink in Dubrovnik is similar to finding a place to eat, oftentimes it can be pricey and break your budget. While there are plenty of places you can drink in Dubrovnik, these are a few of the more unique ones. 

Buza Bar

Buza Bar Dubrovnik

Buza Bar is probably the most unique bar in Dubrovnik. It’s sort of hidden as it’s built right on a cliff between the Old Town wall and the Adriatic Sea. The bar is pretty busy because not only is it a good view, but you can also jump from the cliffs into the sea!

If jumping from the Buza Bar cliffs isn’t for you, sit back, drink, and have fun watching everyone else jump!

Revelin Culture Club

Another distinctive place to drink in Dubrovnik is Revelin Culture Club. What makes it unique is that it is built right into a 16th century fortress that makes up Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It’s a fun place to go out at night, especially because of where it is. Keep an eye out for people handing out flyers for free or discounted entrance earlier in the day. Chances are you’ll be able to find one if you walk by the club’s entrance in the early evening.

Dubrovnik is easily one of the most beautiful, scenic cities in the world. It looks like it came right out of a movie, which is maybe why they use it for filming in so many shows and movies. Although Dubrovnik is expensive, especially compared to surrounding cities and countries of Southeastern Europe, itis 100% worth visiting.

If you need more help with travel in general, check out our Travel Resources, and if you would like to work with us on planning a trip to get you an authentic cultural travel experience check out our Travel Planning Services

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? What recommendations do you have for things to do in Dubrovnik?

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