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Dubrovnik is one of the best places to visit in Croatia. It unfortunately can be terribly crowded because overtourism is a serious issue in the city. When you visit you will generally try to stay away from all the tourists, but there’s one thing you will want to do when you are there: Walk the Dubrovnik City Walls. Walking the Dubrovnik wall is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. 

Dubrovnik City Walls

History of the Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is entirely surrounded by its City Walls, which were used to protect the city for centuries.

The walls in Dubrovnik were originally built in the 7th century and have been added to and expanded over the years. Depending on where you are on the Dubrovnik city wall walk, the walls will be thinner, thicker, shorter, or taller. This is because of both when they were built and where they are. Some areas needed to be more fortified against attack, both from the sea and from land. 

One of the most incredible parts of the Old Town walls is that because they were actively used as a fortress and defense against attackers, you can walk the entire perimeter of Dubrovnik on the city walls as guards used to do for centuries. 

Now, you’re probably thinking “Where do I sign up for the Dubrovnik City Wall walk?”

Walking Old Town Dubrovnik Walls

Where to Get Tickets to Walk Dubrovnik City Walls

You can buy Dubrovnik City Wall tickets right inside of Pile Gate on Stradun at their main office. You can walk right up and buy your tickets to walk the city walls.

Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets

There are places where you can purchase tickets ahead of time online, but you certainly do not have to buy them online in advance. 

You can also buy tickets for walking the Dubrovnik city walls with a tour guide. This price includes your ticket to walk the City Walls with a tour guide and potentially some other things depending on the tour. 

Price to Walk Dubrovnik City Walls

While prices can change, the current cost at the official ticket office just inside Pile Gate is 200 kn (about €27 or $30) for an adult. Children and students are 50 kn (€6.60 or $7.40), and children under 7 are free with an adult. 

Dubrovnik City Wall Walk Experience

Walking the City Walls in Dubrovnik is a fantastic experience, and it’s usually at the top of the list of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. 

But, is walking the Dubrovnik City Walls worth it?

Old Town Dubrovnik Walls

Yes, the 200 kn ticket price is expensive, especially for the budget traveler in Dubrovnik as its a pricey city in general. 

Yes, you will be surrounded by other travelers and groups walking the City Walls too. 

However, walking the Dubrovnik City Walls is an unforgettable experience and one you should do.

Walking Dubrovnik City Walls

The City Walls, like much of Old Town Dubrovnik, are incredibly well-maintained and intact. You can walk the entire perimeter of the city with ease. There are a few steps up and down, so it’s a relatively easy walk too. 

Walking the City Walls is not timed either. Once you buy your ticket, you have essentially all day to walk at your leisure. This is something that makes the City Wall walk a must-do in Dubrovnik. 

Walk at your own pace, enjoy the views of both the sea and the city, and take thousands of photos because each and every vantage point is picturesque! 

Walk City Walls Dubrovnik

You are also free to roam on the City Walls on your own. There are no guides, unless you hire one. You can just go up the wall and walk around pretty much wherever you want making exploring the Dubrovnik City Walls a “choose your own adventure” type of activity. 

While expensive, walking the Dubrovnik walls is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik for travelers of all ages. It might stretch your budget, but the Dubrovnik City Walls are worth it!

Dubrovnik CIty Wall Walk

Have you walked the Dubrovnik walls? Do you think walking the City Walls in Dubrovnik is worth it?

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