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A lot of people love visiting national parks and simply being outdoors, but they aren’t big fans of actually camping in a tent. If this is you, you’re in luck! You can easily convert your car for camping.

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While you can convert almost any car for camping, we converted our small Honda Fit for camping.

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A Honda Fit conversion for car camping is fairly easy. It’s cheap, easy to do yourself, and durable. There are a few different methods out there to convert your Honda Fit for car camping if you search around. We used bits and pieces from what we found on the internet to create our own little camper inside our Honda Fit.

How to convert Honda Fit Camping

It’s worked out really well and this post will cover the the materials needed, the building process, and things we would change, so you can learn from our mistakes!

Now, let’s get started on how to convert your Honda Fit for camping!

Honda Fit Camping Seat Configuration

Honda Fits are pretty small, compact cars, but they have excellent seat configuration possibilities. 

For camping in your Honda Fit, you should fold down the backseats, push the driver’s seat forward, lay the passenger’s seat all the way back, and remove the headrest. 

Car Camping Seat Configuration

This is the best seat configuration for starting your Honda Fit camper conversion because it will allow for your to lay out all the way with your head near the back of the car and your feet by the front. 

If you are camping in your car as a couple, one person can lay on an angle and the other straight so both people’s feet are on the passenger side where the seat is laid down flat. 

Conversion Honda Fit for camping

Materials for Converting Your Honda Fit for Camping

We decided on this build for our Honda Fit camping conversion because we wanted our bed to be sturdy enough for two people and have storage underneath, but not be too expensive or complicated to construct. 

We also got an extra cushion for our bed so it was super comfy. With the memory foam mattress topper and the upholstery cushion, it felt like a normal bed, and you couldn’t feel the wood at all. 

6 – 1” x 7” Lumber (5’ long)

1 – 38” x 54” Plywood

1- 19” x 38” Plywood

Wood Screws

Piano Hinges

3” Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Twin XL)

4” Upholstery Cushion

Window Screens

Again, there are multiple ways you can do this, so search around the internet for the one that best suits you.

Honda Fit Camping Conversion Layout

Now that you have all the materials, you can start building. Take a look at the Honda Fit camping conversion layout and follow the blueprint below to start making the bed frame for your car. 

Honda Fit Camper Conversion

How to Build the Camping Bed Frame in Your Honda Fit

First, you will need to cut the 1” x 7” pieces of wood to the dimensions and then drill in the wood screws to connect them together. 

Honda Fit Camper Bed

Once the frame is all connected and in one piece, you will cut the plywood to fit the bed frame. 

Start with the small storage compartment right behind the driver’s seat. It’s 16” x 19”. Then continue with the big piece that will cover the rest of the storage and make up most of the bed frame for camping in your car at 38” x 38”.

Now that you have the plywood cut, it’s time to attach the piano hinges. One piano hinge goes on the small storage area towards the middle of the car, so it can be opened from the rear driver’s side door. 

Camping in Honda Fit Storage

The second piano hinge is attached to the frame and large piece of plywood, so it can be opened from the trunk. This piano hinge needs to be larger as it’s responsible for more weight with the bigger piece of plywood and your bed on top. 

Honda Fit Bed Storage Camper

The last piece of plywood will not be attached to anything. It will be about 19” x 54”, but it can be a little shorter if you want too. You will slide this piece under the mattress when driving and out of the folded down passenger seat when camping. 

There will be a gap between the board and bottom of the passenger seat, but if you put a cooler, water jug, or backpack under it, it will support it and make your bed flat. 

Honda Fit Bed Frame Camping
Finished bed frame with plywood

Building The Bed in Your Honda Fit

You will cut the upholstery cushion and the memory foam mattress topper to make your new camping bed. 

First mark the upholstery cushion with chalk or a marker in the middle to cut it in half. When cut, each half laid side-by-side should create the part of the mattress where your head and torso goes. You can cut it in half with a bread knife. It’s not the cleanest, but it works well.

Now it’s time to cut the memory foam mattress topper. This one is a little trickier because it will take up the majority of the car, and you are essentially cutting out where the driver’s seat is. Again, mark it with chalk or a marker and make your cut. 

Once you have cut the memory foam mattress topper, take the excess piece and put it behind the driver’s seat. If you fold it, it will match up evenly with the upholstery making for an even, cushioned bed. 

Car Camper Conversion Bed

Finishing Your Honda Fit Camper

Your bed frame and bed are all set, so now it’s just the finishing touches and you’re ready to roll!

Take a bed sheet and wrap your new mattress up, so it doesn’t get dirty. Throw some sheets and blankets on it to make it comfy and cozy, so it’ll be just like sleeping at home, except with less headspace. Put a few pillows in your trunk, and you’re good to go! Onto the next adventure!

Make sure to get the window screens listed in the materials too! These are lifesavers and provide great airflow when camping in your Honda Fit, while also keeping out the bugs. 

Honda Fit camping bed

Benefits of the Honda Fit Camper Conversion

After converting our Honda Fit for camping, we found out that there were many benefits to it! 

Not having to set up a tent every night is a huge benefit to converting your car into a camper. It was nice rolling into a campsite late and being ready for bed fairly quickly. It also stayed warmer than a tent on cold nights.

Aside from setting up a tent, it’s easy to “take down” in the mornings too. If you are trying to get up early for a hike, sunrise photos, or just trying to get back on the road to your next destination, not having to take down a tent is really nice, especially in inclement weather. 

These benefits of our Honda Fit camper conversion are also some of the reasons you need to go car camping!

Camping in Honda Fit

After figuring out how you want to store everything and getting the hang of moving some gear from on top of your bed to a different area for sleeping—we mostly put stuff under the bed in the storage areas or in the front seats or dashboard—you can set up your Honda Fit camping bed in only a few minutes. 

Converting our Honda Fit into a camper also saved us some money because we didn’t have to rent an RV or campervan. While they look really nice and have obvious amenities our car camper didn’t…bathrooms…a car gets way better gas mileage and was able to go to certain areas RVs or even some high roofed camper vans cannot!

Making our car into a camper was definitely a wise decision, especially since we’ll be using it again and again on future trips!

However, there were some things we would change too…

Converting Honda Fit Camping

Things We Would Change on our Honda Fit Camper

One thing we would change would be adding a little pullout table to the back of the bed frame. It would have been nice to have a little table for dinner or to play cards on when there wasn’t a picnic table available at the campsite.

This will be something we’ll look to add, or invest in a small, lightweight, portable table for camping that can be stored in the car without invading our sleeping space. 

We’d also like to make the 2 middle storage compartments more accessible. It was hard to store too much in there because you had to lift up the entire back panel with the bed on top to access them. This was heavy with the bed on top and became mostly a 2 person job. Maybe if we have gone with only one layer of cushioning for the bed it would have been more doable. 

Luckily though, we put some snacks and toiletries in packing cubes, so this made them easier to grab out the back storage areas.

We would also buy a windshield sun protector for our Honda Fit camper conversion to keep the sun out in the mornings and add a little more privacy. Plus, it would keep the car camper from getting hot in places like the Badlands.

Overall, we love our little Honda Fit camping conversion. Hopefully, you will love your’s too if you decide you’d like to travel this way! 

Please contact us if you have any questions on converting your car for camping!

How to Convert Your Honda Fit for Camping

Have you ever camped in your car? How did you like it? What would you change?


  1. travel_bug Reply

    Hey, this is great. I have Honda Fit which I was planning to turn it into a camper, but wasn’t sure how, where, what etc. this post gave me back some confidence to go ahead and do it finally! Yay!

    • That’s awesome! We’re glad we could help inspire you. It’s definitely worth it and is fairly easy! Let us know if you have any questions! Make sure to get those window screens. They’re perfect for getting some airflow in your car camper.

  2. charles backus Reply

    I like your setup. My wife has a question about getting up in the night to use the bathroom. Any way to go without leaving the Fit?

  3. Gabrielle Fernandes Reply

    Hey guys! Thanks for the tips! Planning to do this with my Honda <3

    • We don’t remember the exact measurements off the top of our heads, but it’s about 2 feet. We used the upholstery cushion and the mattress foam topper. If you only used one of those, you would have more space between the bed and the roof of the car.

      • Should the box frame be made with a slight incline? The fold down seats are not completely flat, actually slightly elevated. Thanks.

        • Hi Jerry! Our’s was for a 2016 Honda Fit where the seats lay flat, so we didn’t need to make it on an incline. However, in different Fit models, the seats do lay on an angle when down, so you might want to cut the bottom of the box frame at an angle.

  4. A really useful post you’ve written. Seriously thinking about constructing a platform for my Honda Jazz (Fit is called Jazz here in the UK) and really enjoyed reading about your conversion. Dream is to get some experience car camping in the highlands of Scotland, then to hit the road in mainland Europe. Now you’ve had experience with your setup, curious as to whether you consider 7 inches under the platform to be enough or would you prefer more while sacrificing head room? Also, what’s the thickness of the plywood platform? Thanks.

    • It would have been nice to have a little more room under the platform, but as you know, you’re sacrificing head space. It’s really whichever one is more important to you. The plywood was 1/4″ thick. Make sure to keep in mind how much padding you’ll have for the bed too as that will play a role in the head space, as well as if you want all your gear stored underneath the bed.

  5. This is such a great post! Thank you! I’m curious though, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you detail the exact dimensions to cut the 1″ x 7″ boards? Or did you leave it out because different models are different or something? I’m struggling a bit with that math.

    • Our’s was a 2016 Honda Fit. The main portion of the bed is 38” x 38” and the small storage area behind the driver’s seat is 16” x 19”. Make sure to double check to measure your car too, just in case. Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions!

  6. Do you ever take out the wooden frame and turn it back into just a car? I just got a Fit and I think it’s great to sleep in it for camping, but I only go on maybe 1 or 2 trips a year and the rest of the time would need just a car. Also, it would be only me and my small (20 lb.) dog, and I’m under 5’2″, so I wouldn’t need the extra length and width. So something portable to add a sleeping platform for half the back would be enough for me. Thoughts?

    • Yes! We usually have the wooden frame out and use it as a normal car. It’s a snug fit, but easily slides in and out. On your other questions, if it’s just you and your dog, you could probably get by with just the mattress pad and no platform. We needed it with 2 people, so we could store our gear under it. Good luck on your car camper build, and let us know if you have any other questions!

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