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When traveling to Arizona most people want to get outside and see some of the phenomenal landscapes that the American Southwest has to offer. And if you’re one of those people who prefers to just chill at the poolside, cocktail in-hand, this post probably isn’t for you…

Sedona Day Trip from Phoenix

Phoenix is your most likely destination when flying into Arizona, so chances are you’ll be spending some time there. If you are spending time visiting Phoenix, make sure to check out our blog post about traveling to Phoenix.

Now, there is a ton to do in Phoenix, and it could easily fill up an entire long weekend itinerary. While there is hiking you can do in Phoenix, Arizona has so much more to offer in terms of outdoor activities.

When visiting for a long weekend, Sedona is a popular day trip from Phoenix. But is a Sedona day trip from Phoenix worth it?

Sedona Day Trip from Phoenix Worth It
View driving into Phoenix

The first question would be transportation. Do you have a rental car that you can drive to Sedona?

If not, taking a day trip to Sedona probably isn’t worth it. If you have a rental car though, Sedona is just under a 2 hour drive without traffic, so it’s totally doable for a day trip.

You will want to leave early in the morning from Phoenix, especially if it’s a holiday weekend or peak tourism season because Sedona is a popular place and lots of people will have the same idea as you. Plus, if you’re doing hiking, you will be able to get out on the trails before all the crowds.

Sedona has a totally different vibe than Phoenix. It’s a small city located in Northern Arizona that is surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery that can be found in the United States.

Sedona Day Trip

There are tons of hiking trails that can suit anyone’s ability and comfort level. They range from quick, strenuous hikes to longer, easier hikes, but each and every one has remarkable scenery.

However, if hiking is not exactly your thing, Sedona offers lots of shopping, wineries, breweries, and spas, so you can relax while taking in those wonderful views. Although, we’d definitely recommend doing at least a little hiking.

Day Trip to Sedona

If you want to hike in Sedona on your day trip from Phoenix, we recommend doing a couple shorter, but still rewarding trails. Check out the Devil’s Bridge Trail and Cathedral Rock Trail. Both are shorter trails and can be easily completed during your day trip to Sedona.

Devil’s Bridge is easier, but there are different routes of varying lengths to get there. The final scramble up is the only slightly strenuous part, but there were people of all ages and abilities completing it when we were there.

Devil's Bridge Trail Sedona Day Trip
Beware of the line to get onto Devil’s Bridge during busy times of the year

Cathedral Rock, however, is much more strenuous. It is still short and can be done quickly, but there is a lot of vertical gain in a short amount of time.

Steep Hike Up Cathedral Rock Sedona
Steep Hike Up to Cathedral Rock

By now you can probably already tell that we definitely think a day trip to Sedona from Phoenix is absolutely worth it if you have time and an interest in seeing other parts of Arizona.

Sedona Cathedral Rock View
View at the top of Cathedral Rock

Sedona is close enough to Phoenix that you can just drive up early in the morning and get back at a reasonable time at night – just make sure you prepare for traffic (cars and people) if it’s a holiday weekend or peak tourism time. You’ll be able to experience another side to Arizona and see some of the most beautiful red rock formations the American Southwest has to offer.

Have you taken a day trip to Sedona from Phoenix? Was it worth it? What recommendations do you have for Sedona?

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