Live and Work Abroad

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Traveling abroad for either short-term vacations or long-term travel is a ton of fun, but what if you are interested in making the move to live and work abroad?!

There are many ways you can live and work abroad, and we want to highlight as many as possible here on MY Travel BF. This way you can see if any of these might work for you!

Each of the following sections are popular ways to live and work abroad, and they contain various posts from us and other travelers throughout the world who live and work abroad.

Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is one of the most popular ways to live and work abroad. There are plenty of countries all over the world that are looking for native English speakers to teach students English as well as other subjects.

You do not need to be a licensed teacher, or even have a background in teaching or working with children, to teach English abroad. In fact, some countries just require you to be a native English speaker with a college degree. Typically, you are hired as a language assistant or teaching assistant to teach english abroad for these jobs.

However, if you are looking to be an actual teacher at an international school, there are plenty of opportunities out there too. Typically, these schools will require you to have experience teaching and a teaching license from your country.

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Remote Work

Being able to work remotely is becoming more and more common nowadays, and that is giving people the opportunity to choose where they want to live. Living and working abroad with a remote position can present its own set of unique challenges though.

We want to highlight various ways you can live and work abroad by working remotely, so you can see if any of these jobs might be great fits for you.


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Other Ways to Live and Work Abroad

There are countless opportunities and other ways to live and work abroad, which is why this last category is included. Take a look at these and see if any of these other ways to live and work abroad are something you might be interested in.


If you are living or working abroad in any one of these categories or in any other capacity, please contact us and let us know! Send us an email, and we can talk about featuring you on MY Travel BF.