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Yes…it’s been quite a while since we posted on here, but if you’ve been following us on Instagram or YouTube, you know that we are now living in Germany!

This second international move within one year is the primary reason we haven’t been writing a lot here. However, our intent was never to stop. We just got caught up with enjoying our last few months in Spain, the move to Germany, and getting our lives set up here in Germany.

Luckily, we are almost all set up here with visa appointments, work, doctor appointments, vet appointments, and apartment, etc.

There are always so many more things that go into a move, especially an international one, than you expect…and it can be even more challenging when you don’t speak the language—as is the case here in Germany—and when you don’t know the ins and outs of another culture.

At this point, you are probably wondering why Germany? I thought you loved living in Spain!

And to your second point, yes. We absolutely loved living in Spain and were very sad to leave. However, our job as an auxiliar de conversación in Spain was never intended to be a long-term gig, especially once the Spanish government changed some of the rules this past year making it even more difficult for people to stay longer (a new 5 year maximum in your lifetime) and giving preference to 1st time applicants.

This news coming in after we had already applied was definitely a shock and something that we hadn’t anticipated happening. Quite frankly, there were other people already teaching in Spain that didn’t anticipate this move by the government either.

In saying all that, we put our job search into overdrive, specifically looking for ways to live abroad. One of the best opportunities we found, through reading online and speaking with friends who have done it, was to work at international schools.

Our nights and weekends were consumed with filling out various applications and after a few interviews, we found jobs in Hannover, Germany!

We have now been living in Germany for just over 3 months and are loving it!

Well, except for not being able to speak the language much. This has been especially difficult coming from Spain where we could speak Spanish.

We will be writing more soon about what it is like living in Germany as Americans as well as all about our travels in Germany and Europe, as we still have some posts we need to finish about traveling in Spain!

In the meantime, make sure to check out our YouTube for some videos about our travels and living abroad as well as our Instagram for some behind the scenes look into our daily lives living in Germany!

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