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2020 has not been an easy year for anyone, and it definitely hasn’t been the year anyone expected. It certainly wasn’t what we had expected. 

We had planned to go to Florida in March, after everything shut down…well, except for Florida, which is why we didn’t go. Then, we had a trip for our spring break to Cabo that got cancelled once the borders closed.

We were supposed to be here 😭 (Source)

Looking back, we haven’t even stepped foot in an airport since November 2019, which is crazy to think about, especially because at that point we had no idea it would be our last flight.

It really makes you appreciate a lot of things that we once took for granted, whether it was something more extravagant like flying somewhere or just being around people without worrying about getting sick.

While 2020 did not end up being what we had planned or even hoped, we were able to do a lot that we might not have ever done otherwise, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

When everything shutdown in mid-March, we were able to spend more time at home and really appreciate the time we had together since we weren’t working 2 jobs any more and had no other social plans. We cleaned our apartment and got rid of a ton of stuff that was really just there collecting space and cluttering our life. 

In July, we converted our car into a camper and did a one week road trip out west through a few different national parks and state parks. This included;

Badlands National Park

Custer State Park

Mount Rushmore

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Teton National Park

We decided on this trip because we were able to be socially distanced by being in national parks on less busy trails, outdoors, and stayed in our car instead of airbnbs or hotels.

It was also a trip we definitely would not have done without the pandemic because we probably would have been using our time off to fly somewhere international. We are so lucky we did the trip though because, not only did we get to see all these wonderful places filled with natural beauty, but by converting our small Honda Fit for camping, we found a new way to travel that we really liked. 

Maybe going full camper van for a year is in our future….Who knows?

Over the last 9 months, we were also able to focus more on our travel blog, and our How to Convert Your Honda Fit for Camping post actually became our most popular post ever! So, the trip paid off in more ways than one!

As we’ve previously wrote about, we have also tried to refocus our blog in order to answer your travel questions, provide the best travel advice on authentic travel experiences, and help you travel better and travel more, no matter what type of travel you are looking to do. 

This is why we have introduced our travel planning services where we will work with you to discover not only where you want to go, but why you want to go where you do, what you want to get out of the trip, and find activities and adventures, so you can come home from your trip—no matter how long it is—and be in a better place, whether that’s emotionally, mentally, or physically. 

Oftentimes, people travel to escape and explore, but also we have deep desires as to why we want to travel. We usually don’t always explore these, so we might not be getting absolutely everything out of a trip that we had hoped.

Sure, you might see the main sights, eat good food, and learn some new facts, but why did you want to take that trip in the first place? What had you really hoped to get out of it? How did it help you grow as a person, either personally or professionally?

Through our travel planning services, we will work with you to dive deep into your why and your goals, so we can help tailor the perfect trip for you, including transportation, activities, accommodations, and anything else that will help you get to where you want to be. 

While 2020 has given us the time to work on this and create this service, it also has prevented a lot of people from traveling, which is totally understandable, and it means that we haven’t had a big launch of our travel planning services. When it’s safe to really get out there again, make sure to look out for this!

Aside from just the working on MY Travel BF and offering this new service, we have been figuring out how we can travel more and explore more in our own lives, while working full-time jobs. Part of that is creating ways in which this blog can make money, which right now is primarily via affiliate links, so thank you for those who use them! We really appreciate it, and it helps us support MY Travel BF to keep it up and running. 

Aside from focusing on the blog, we have tried to prioritize our life and figure out what we want to do long-term. We love to travel, and we love long-term travel. This means backpacking around the world is not in our plans at the current moment. Our blog also doesn’t provide anywhere near enough income to fully support our travels, so we need regular jobs. 

But again, who knows what the future holds for us in 2021 with the unknowns of the pandemic, what “normal” will look like, or how we choose to navigate the world we live in. 

As we turn the page on 2020 and move into 2021, we obviously hope for better. We hope for…

More time with family and friends without worrying about getting sick or getting someone else sick. 

More hugs. 

More travel. 

More face-to-face conversations. 

Less screen time. 

More love as a society and world.

Although we are as excited as everyone else for 2021, we are appreciative of what 2020 has given us, even if it was challenging as hell.

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