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Wow! We cannot believe that November is already over. It seems like it just started!

November was a slower travel month for us as we didn’t take any trips, except for going to Madison, Wisconsin twice. We looked into traveling for Thanksgiving but decided to stay home for the holidays. It’s a great time to travel for us since we’re off of work, but ticket prices were incredibly high. Plus, it’s always nice spending the holidays with family.

Fall 2018


Half-Marathon and Marathon PRs!

One of the things we were most looking forward to in November was our half marathon and marathon race in Madison. We were training over the last 4 months, and race day finally came!

Although it was much colder than we expected when we signed up for the race (27°F), we raced really fast and both achieved new personal records! Becca beat her previous time in the half marathon and ran 1:50, and Mike finally got his goal time of 3:29 in the marathon!

While it took us a while to recover from the race, we’re already looking for our next one to sign up for this summer, and (hint, hint) we’re considering traveling somewhere to run it…

Madison Marathon PRs


As we mentioned earlier, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and celebrate with family. It was a wonderful time as we were able to celebrate with nearly everyone, and we saw a lot of friends who were in town for the holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving is a great time to travel, either to visit family or go somewhere new, but we struggled finding tickets that were within our budget. Because it’s a super buys travel weekend and kids are out of school, ticket prices are crazy high. Maybe we’ll travel somewhere next year, but this year it just didn’t happen.

Mike’s 30th Birthday

Mike’s birthday falls right around Thanksgiving every year and is often overshadowed by the holiday. This year was his 30th birthday, and Becca decided to throw him a surprise party! It went off without him knowing, so he was totally in shock.

The party was incredible, and there was a wonderful mix of friends and family there. Without a doubt, it was the best birthday Mike has ever had.

MY Travel BF Birthday

Travel Gear

One definite highlight of November was a new post and page we put up on MY Travel BF about our favorite travel gear.

A lot of people ask us about recommendations for travel gear and what’s necessary or unnecessary when traveling. We put together a list for Great Gifts for People Who Love to Travel as well as a permanent page at the top of our blog that we will update periodically with our recommended Travel Gear.

We know first hand that it’s hard to select a great travel backpack and find the right accessories to travel with, so we hope that this resource helps you in your own travels. As always, if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We’re here to help you!

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What’s happening in December?

As of right now, we don’t have any plans to travel in December. Between Thanksgiving and winter break we don’t have time off of work, and it’s a little difficult to take time off because we’re so busy with work and Mike with school. Luckily, we have a few different trips planned for 2019 already.

End of Semester

Mike is working on finishing his teaching license in English as a Second Language right now and will be wrapping up the semester this month. After this fall semester, he’ll only have the spring semester to go before he’s all done!

While we’ll still be busy with work and life in general, not having night and online classes will be wonderful as we’ll have more time to do a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do, like finish a lot of ideas we have for MY Travel BF.



Once again, the holidays are coming up, and we’re looking forward to them. We aren’t traveling anywhere in particular. However, with 13 days off of work, we might end up taking a small trip somewhere, so stay tuned!

Are you traveling anywhere in December? What are your plans for the holidays and New Year’s? What would you like to see on MY Travel BF in December?

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