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Madrid is full of hidden secret spots that most of us would walk right past if we didn’t know about them. One of these hidden gems is buying the hidden nun cookies in Madrid.

That’s right! You can buy cookies from nuns without even seeing them. However, you have to know how to buy these nun cookies in Madrid if you want to do it because they aren’t in the most obvious location.

Keep reading to find out how to buy hidden nun cookies in Madrid!

Nun Cookies Madrid

Before going to the nun cookies, make sure you have cash too! The nuns do not accept credit card for the cookies!

You will need to go to the Monasterio del Corpus Christi las Carboneras in Plaza del Conde de Miranda, which intersects with Calle del Codo.

Once you locate the monastery, go to the door with the sign that says “Venta de Dulces.” They are typically open 9:30-13:00 and 16:30-18:15.

Press the button next to the door that says Monjas (nuns), and ask them “Tiene dulces hoy?

Cookies from Nuns in Madrid

The nuns will then open door for you. Upon entering, follow the signs that say Torno, which basically takes you all the way down a long hallway to the area where you order the cookies. And you definitely won’t miss it because it’s at the end of the hallway!

When you get to the torno—essentially a big lazy Susan where you do the transaction with the cloistered nuns—there is a menu with all the types of cookies the nuns have.

The menu is in English and Spanish. You can order either 1 kg or 1/2 kg sizes of each cookies, but you cannot mix and match the cookies in the same size.

Tell the nuns which cookies you want, and which size—kilo or medio kilo.

Monasterio del Corpus Cristi Madrid

After you tell the nun which type and amount of the cookies you want, they will prepare them and turn the torno with your cookies. Once your cookies appear, put you money in the torno next to the cookies.

The nun will turn it again to take your money, and then turn it again to give you your change, if necessary, and cookies. Even if you don’t need change, leave your money in the torno with the cookies. Once the nun gets your money, they will spin the torno back around with the cookies. This basically ensures that you aren’t running away without paying, since the nuns are cloistered and cannot chase you down.

Once you have your change and cookies from the nuns, walk back out the hallway and exit the monastery.

That’s it! Now, enjoy your Madrid nun cookies!

While buying the nun cookies isn’t exactly a secret in Madrid, buying the cookies from the nuns isn’t exactly obvious to most either as its hidden away in the Monasterio.

The Monasterio del Corpus Christi has been around since 1607 and selling cookies is a way for these nuns to make a living while remaining cloistered from the outside world.

A little fun fact, too, is that the torno used to be for people wanting to give away unwanted newborns to the nuns. Nowadays, it’s for cookies, so a little less dark!

How to Buy Secret Nun Cookies in Madrid

Have you tried the hidden nun cookies in Madrid? Which cookies did you get? What other hidden secrets do you know in Madrid?

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