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While it’s not Paris, Bordeaux is an incredibly beautiful French city with plenty of history and some of the best wine in the world! This one day itinerary in Bordeaux, France will let you get the most out of your day in Bordeaux!

Bordeaux is a relatively small city, so it’s easy to explore in one day, even though you could spend way more time there. You could even do a day trip to Bordeaux if you wanted to!

Sel et sucre

Bordeaux Wine Capital

Starting off your one day in Bordeaux, you’ll need a tasty breakfast! You can either go with a crepe or to a local bakery, depending on how you’re feeling!

Head to Sel et sucre for one of the best crepes in Bordeaux, or if you want something a little lighter, go to La boulangerie for exquisite bakery.

Neither option will disappoint and is the perfect way to start your one day in Bordeaux!

Miroir d’eau

Miroir d'eau Bordeaux 2

After breakfast, head over to one of the most picturesque places in Bordeaux: Miroir d’eau.

This is a huge reflecting pool, which is actually the world’s largest! It is right on the riverfront and in front of the Place de la Bourse making for the perfect photo of Bordeaux.

Getting here earlier is key if you want a relatively unobstructed photo without a lot of other people as it’s one of the most popular things to see in Bordeaux. This is why we recommend going after breakfast because it will get busy in the afternoon.

Walk the Garonne Riverfront

After seeing the Miroir d’eau, stroll along the Garden Riverfront while taking in the beauty of the river that winds through Bordeaux and enjoying the openness that contrasts with the narrow streets of the city center.


One Day in Bordeaux

When heading back into the center of Bordeaux, walk through the magnificent city and soak up the beauty of the architecture and city life. While cathedrals might not be your thing, especially if you have been traveling europe for a while, it’s worth it to at least walk around and see them from the outside.

Typically, there is a lot of city life, restaurants, and general activity around cathedrals as they were once the cultural center of the city.

In Bordeaux, you will want to see the Saint Andre Cathedral and the Basilica of Saint Michael. Both are unique churches in different neighborhoods of the city, but both are worth seeing, even if you choose not to go in.

While walking around Bordeaux, you will probably start to work up an appetite again.


Caneles Bordeaux

If you are getting hungry, caneles are a traditional dessert in Bordeaux. These small pastries are covered in a caramelized crust and have a creamy center. You can get them in rum or vanilla flavors.

There are multiple places you can get caneles in Bordeaux, but the most famous is Baillardran. Another popular place to buy caneles in Bordeaux is La Toque Cuivree.

No matter where you get it, or even when you do during your one day in Bordeaux, getting caneles is one of the best things to do in Bordeaux!

They are small and somewhat easy to take with you, so you can buy a few and eat them as you explore Bordeaux!

Le Bar a Vin

Wine Bar Bordeaux

What’s a visit to Bordeaux without wine?!

Bordeaux is one of the most popular wine regions in France and the world! So, you have to drink famous Bordeaux wine when visiting, and Le Bar a Vin is the best place for it!

Le Bar a Vin in Bordeaux is located in the Bordeaux Wine Council’s Building right in the center of the city and is known for being one of the best wine bars in Bordeaux! The building itself is also very elaborate with high ceilings, stained glass, and exquisite details.

Le Bar a Vin Bordeaux

Aside from the architectural beauty of the building, Le Bar a Vin has incredible wine selections from Bordeaux with perfect food pairings. The staff is also there to help you find the perfect wine for your palette and food to match it.

Keep in mind that there might be a wait to get in because it is a very popular wine bar in Bordeaux. However, the wait is worth it!

Bar Jeux Barjo

One day itinerary Bordeaux

If you want to continue your night with a few more drinks, Bar Jeux Barjo is an incredibly unique bar in Bordeaux that mixes drinks with games.

The bar looks like a library except that it’s filled with games. At Bar Jeux Barjo, you can either choose 3 shorter games or 1 longer game with your drink. The bartender will then explain the games to you, if needed.

It’s a really fun concept that was totally different from any other bar we’ve been to, and it was fun playing a bunch of different games that we’ve never played before. The total for us was 18€ for 2 liters of beer and 3 shorter games.

Bar Jeux Barjo is definitely a fun, unique way to end your one day in Bordeaux!

Whether it’s before or after getting drinks, make sure to take your time to walk around the winding streets and explore Bordeaux by night. The city is just as incredible at night as it is by day.

One Day in Bordeaux

Have you ever visited Bordeaux? What do you recommend doing for one day in Bordeaux? What would you add to our Bordeaux one day itinerary?

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