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You won’t have any problems figuring out what to do in Dubrovnik for one day because there’s so much to do and see. The problem really lies with deciding what not to do for your one day in Dubrovnik.

As Dubrovnik is one of the most visited places in all of Croatia, it is usually super busy and full of tourists. This is why having a perfect one day itinerary for things you must do in Dubrovnik is absolutely necessary.

This way you can skip all the unnecessary stuff and go straight for best things to do for one day in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

City Walls Dubrovnik

Where to Stay For One Day in Dubrovnik

If you are only going to be in Dubrovnik for one day, get a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb close to or in Old Town. This way you will be right by everything you will do for your one day in town.

Staying in Old Town Dubrovnik is definitely going to be more expensive, so if it’s not in your budget, try finding a place nearby. 

Keep in mind that if you are west of Old Town, you will be located up the side of a mountain as Dubrovnik sits right between a mountain and the sea. We only say this because it can be quite the hike to get back up to where you’re staying. 

Dubrovnik Airbnb View

What to Do For One Day in Dubrovnik

Walk Dubrovnik City Walls

For your 24 hours in Dubrovnik, start off by walking the Dubrovnik City Walls in Old Town.

Honestly, this is the number only thing to do in Dubrovnik no matter how you long you’re staying there.

Walking the City Walls in Dubrovnik is one of the most incredible things you will do when visiting Croatia. They are so well-maintained, and you can walk along the ramparts almost the entire way around the city. 

One Day in Dubrovnik

This not only gives you a fantastic feel for what the soldiers protecting the city would have seen many years ago, but it also gives you spectacular views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The azure blue water, old, worn gray stone of the city’s fortification walls, orange tiled roofs, and lush green and brown nature of the mountains and islands. It’s really everything you could ask for as far as views go.

If you start your day walking the Dubrovnik City Walls, expect it to take you about 2 hours to complete. You could easily spend more time here, but we can almost guarantee that it won’t be less. There are simply too many photo ops to pass up. 

We recommend that you start your one day in Dubrovnik walking the City Walls because they will be less crowded. You will get more of it to yourself, and you won’t have to worry about getting tons of random people in your photos. 

Eat Burek

After walking the walls of Dubrovnik, you will probably work up quite an appetite. Lucky for you, Dubrovnik has a ton of burek stands!

Burek, or Börek, is an absolutely delicious food option that’s very popular in Dubrovnik. It’s also the perfect food to get in Dubrovnik because it’s cheap! 

24 hours in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an expensive city to visit because it’s so popular, so finding cheap, delicious eats is a great way to travel on a budget in Dubrovnik, especially if you are only there for a day. 

Bureks are small pastries that are filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, or vegetables. They’re cheap, filling, and easy to eat on the go. Plus, there should be a burek for everyone with all the possible flavors!

Explore Old Town

Once you get your burek, explore Old Town. This may sound like a simple thing to do, but since you are only in Dubrovnik for one day, you need to explore all of Old Town. 

The narrow, medieval streets with historic architecture and picturesque buildings you could spend hours, and even days, exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town. 

Dubrovnik in one day

Simply get lost in the streets for hours and go wherever they take you. 

Put your map away and just take whichever turn looks best as you explore the history, beauty, and become enchanted with Old Town Dubrovnik.

*Game of Thrones Tour

While this isn’t on our list of recommendation for things to do for one day in Dubrovnik, it might be of interest to some. 

Dubrovnik’s tourism exploded with HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones because a lot of it was filmed there. If you are interested in doing a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, there are a ton of them! 

This could easily replace the exploring of Old Town on your Dubrovnik one day itinerary if you love the show! Check out these Game of Thrones tours below.

Banje Beach

With the gorgeous blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and the hot sun, it’s obvious that a lot of people will want to head to the beach during their 24 hours in Dubrovnik.

Banje Beach is not the nicest beach near Dubrovnik, but it is the closest. The beach itself is a little rocky, but the water is fantastic. You also have the added benefit of being able to see Old Town while you’re swimming!

Banje Beach Dubrovnik Croatia


If swimming isn’t your thing but you want Roget out on the water, you can always rent a kayak in Dubrovnik. 

Rent a Boat

While we don’t recommend renting a boat for your one day in Dubrovnik because it will take up most of your day, it’s a one of the best things to do if you ever spend more than one day in Dubrovnik!

Learn all about renting a boat in Dubrovnik, so you can do it when you have more than one day in the city!

Renting a Boat in Dubrovnik

Crni Rižo

One of the other must eat dishes in Dubrovnik is Crni Rižo, which is a risotto in squid ink. It’s a traditional Croatian dish.

While it might not sound appetizing, this dish is absolutely fantastic and a perfect way to end your one day in Dubrovnik.

There are plenty of restaurants that serve it, so you’ll definitely be able to find one!

Dubrovnik Croatia Food

Buza Bar Sunset

To end your 24 hours in Dubrovnik, head to Buza Bar to watch the sunset. 

Buza Bar is a bar nestled on the rocks between the outer edge of the the walls of Dubrovnik and the Adratic Sea. It’s the perfect place to end your day.

The bar can get crowded and has everything from a relaxing place to watch the sunset to cliffs where you can jump into the sea for the thrill-seekers out there.

Buza Bar Dubrovnik

There is so much more to do in Dubrovnik, but since you’re just spending one day there, this itinerary packs in a complete day of activities. If you choose to spend more than one day in Dubrovnik, check out our Dubrovnik Travel Guide

If you are only spending one day in Dubrovnik because you’re traveling around the area, make sure to stop by Mostar and Zagreb too!

What recommendations do you have for a Dubrovnik one day itinerary? What would you add or remove from our list for one day in Dubrovnik? 

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