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If you are a traveler, you have probably heard of the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. Well, we were lucky enough to earn it for a year, and here’s our complete Southwest Airlines Companion Pass review.

Southwest Airlines has a great travel credit card, especially if you fly Southwest a lot. About two years ago, we were approved for a Southwest travel credit card and started earning points. The points never disappear (unless you cancel the card) and can easily be redeemed for Southwest flights.

If you earn 110,000 points in a year, you qualify for the highly-valued Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, one of the best travel perks on the market today. While the 110,000 points may seem unrealistic to reach, it’s more than feasible when you meet the new user signup bonus. This changes throughout the year, but try to get it when it’s 50,000 or 60,000 points.

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For the 2017-2018 calendar year, we were fortunate enough to have earned the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, which gave us access to unlimited Buy One, Get One Free flights for the year!

Southwest Companion Pass

As a couple, we decided to almost exclusively use one credit card for the entire year. Every purchase would go on the one, and we would Venmo each other to even out the payment. While it made for slightly more confusing bank statements, having the Companion Pass was totally worth it.

The best way to get the Southwest Companion Pass is to rack up as many points as possible within the year. Combining the majority of our purchases and getting the new user bonus (50,000 points), allowed us to earn the Companion Pass.

Southwest Companion Pass Review
On our way to Boston!

Once we had the Southwest Companion Pass in hand, we decided to book as many flights as we could for the year because who can beat buy one, get one free flights?! Southwest only releases flights in about 3-4 month blocks, so in order to get the best deal, make sure to check when the new flights are going to be released. This way, you will almost always get the best price possible.

By using your Southwest credit card throughout the year, you’ll earn tons of Southwest Rapid Rewards points. You can use these points to “buy” your flight and then use your Companion Pass to get your free flight. We did this for just about all our flights last year, which allowed us to fly for “free.”

The earlier in the year you earn the Companion Pass, the better because you can start to use it immediately after you earn it and then throughout the rest of the following year too. For example, if you earn it in March of 2019, you get the Companion Pass for the rest of 2019 AND 2020. That’s almost 2 WHOLE YEARS OF BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE FLIGHTS!

Review of Southwest Companion Pass
Landing in Costa Rica!

Overall, the Southwest Companion Pass is totally worth trying to earn if you are going to be able to take advantage of the buy one, get one free flights for the next year. It is a little difficult to get because you have to spend a lot on the credit card, but it is doable.

Obviously if you won’t be able to take advantage of the Companion Pass, or don’t like Southwest, then this is not the travel credit card or travel perk you want. However, the Southwest Companion Pass is probably one of the best travel perks out there today.

If you are interested in the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card and want to sign up for one, please use our referral link here. Thank you!

Have you earned the Southwest Companion Pass? What’s your opinion on it? What other good travel perks are there that you have used?


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