Travel Gear

A common question we get is about what travel gear we use. Well in order to best answer that, we put together this page with all of our travel gear. We’ll make sure to update it if we change any of the gear we travel with a recommend for others.

Travel Backpacks

Osprey Farpoint 40

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is our absolute favorite piece of travel luggage of all-time. It’s versatile, durable, and well-worth the price tag of $120.

It’s the maximum size of a carry-on for most major airlines, which works out perfectly because you can pack everything you need for your trip in it and avoid checking luggage! We’ve packed for trips ranging from a weekend to 6 weeks using the Osprey Farpoint 40.

There are numerous pockets, including a laptop sleeve. Mike has had his for about 5 years, and Becca has had her’s for a little over 2 years. Neither have any signs of wear, nor have there been any problems with the backpacks.

Osprey makes lots of other great backpacks, but the Farpoint 40 is our favorite. If you’re looking for a do-it-all backpack for yourself or a fellow traveler, this is our recommendation!

Osprey Fairview 40

While we love the aforementioned Osprey Farpoint 40, the Fairview 40 is the same backpack, but it is specifically designed for women. Becca has the Farpoint and it works wonderfully. However, if you’d prefer the Fairview 40, it’s basically the same backpack but with a slightly different build to better fit women.

The PNW Sea to Sky Pack

The PNW Sea to Sky Pack is a great waterproof backpack that you can use as a day pack. Without a doubt, the two best features of the PNW Sea to Sky Pack are that it’s waterproof and super lightweight. We’ve tested out just how waterproof it really is along our travels, and nothing we’ve ever had inside the backpack got wet. Trust us, if we didn’t believe that this backpack was actually waterproof, we wouldn’t be recommending it…

The entire backpack weighs next to nothing and can be rolled up into the size of a baseball. It also comes with a lightweight bag you can roll the backpack up into. This means that even if you aren’t wearing the backpack or using it as a carry-on, it will easily fit in your other luggage.

Osprey Talon 22 Daypack

The Osprey Talon 22 is an excellent daypack when traveling. While it’s not 100% waterproof like the PNW Sea to Sky Pack above, it offers more pockets, a sleeve for a water reservoir, and is overall a little more comfortable for doing longer day hikes or carrying around all-day, even though it is a little heavier than the Sea to Sky Pack.

The Talon 22 is a great travel daypack if you are going to be hiking, biking, or being more active because it’s super comfortable and has tons of convenient pockets. Plus, you always know you are getting excellent quality with an Osprey backpack.

Travel Photography

Canon EOS Rebel 

While we have an older version of the Canon Rebel series, the newer Canon Rebel cameras will give you the better bang for your buck. There are plenty of camera options out there, but this is still one of the best.


GoPro’s are the best action, weatherproof cameras out there today. We love our GoPro and bring it on all our travels. It takes amazing photos and videos with its fantastic wide-angle lens. GoPro is constantly coming out with new editions with new features too!

Extra GoPro Batteries and Charger

The GoPro battery doesn’t last too long, so grabbing a replacement battery is almost a must if you are traveling with your GoPro. A few extra batteries with a charging station is ideal, so you’re not always having to recharge the same battery or put away your GoPro because it’s dead.

GoPro Floating Handle

We love our floating GoPro handle because if we’re ever in water and drop our GoPro, it’ll float. Luckily, this hasn’t happened to us, but it did happen to some of our friends who have the same handle. Thankfully, they were able to find their GoPro floating on top of the water!

Travel Electronics

Kindle Paperwhite

Although we will both admit that we should read more, Kindles are the way to go for traveling. The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and includes extra storage!

Travel Adapter

If you’re traveling internationally, a travel adapter is a must, especially in the age of technology. This travel adapter is compact, lightweight, and has plugins for all over the world. Plus, there are multiple USB ports, so you can charge more than one device at once!

Portable Phone Charger

No one wants their phone to die on them, especially when traveling, so why not get a portable phone charger. We’ve all been stuck in situations where our phone’s battery is dying faster than we anticipated and either need it to stay alive for directions or in case of an emergency, or we just want to take some extra photos and add to our Instagram story. Whatever the reason is, no one likes having their phone run out of battery.

This can feel even worse when traveling because you’re not in a place you know, and you probably want to take pictures. This portable phone charger will solve your problem and quickly charg your phone. It even comes with a built-in cable, so you don’t have to carry around your’s.

Belkin Headphone Splitter

Headphone splitters area great gift for couple travelers, or the just traveling with friends. The small investment in this is totally worth it because a headphone splitter is way better than sharing earbuds when watching the same show.

Travel Accessories

GoToob Travel Bottles (3oz)

When packing liquids that will be allowed on airlplane, GoToob bottles are the way to go. They don’t leak and are very convenient when packing soap, shampoo, and conditioner on carry-ons.

Quick-Dry Microfiber Towel

We always travel with a microfiber towel because it’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much space, and dries super fast. It’s a great purchase for someone who likes to travel because it can be used in so many ways and easily fits into any size luggage.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Dry bags are nearly essential nowadays if you are doing any sort of traveling where you might get wet. This could be caving, whitewater rafting, hiking, or simply going to Costa Rica during rainy season. You do not want your phone or other travel accessories to get wet and damaged, so make sure you protect them with a lightweight dry bag.

While the PNW Sea to Sky Pack mentioned earlier in this post is a great waterproof traveling backpack, this Sea to Summit Dry Bag is another option if you have a different travel backpack and don’t want to invest in a fully waterproof bag. Just put anything you want to waterproof in this dry bag, roll it up, stick it in your backpack, and you are good to go!

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