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If you are traveling in Spain for a short amount of time, chances are you probably won’t even be visiting Logroño. In fact, you probably won’t even come across it while planning your Spain travel itinerary. Logroño isn’t even visited by Spaniards all that much!

This is a shame because Logroño, and La Rioja in general, is an incredibly beautiful area of Spain in terms of natural beauty. Maybe even more important, Logroño has some of the best wine in Spain and the best food in Spain!

If for some reason that wasn’t enough to convince you to visit Logroño, check out these 20 Photos of La Rioja to inspire you visit.

Now, let’s get to this Ultimate Travel Guide for Visiting Logroño, Spain!

Visiting Logroño Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Logroño:

Logroño is a fairly compact city, so you won’t be too far away from anything no matter where you stay. However, you will probably want to stay near the center (casco antiguo) to be by everything you will want to do and see in Logroño.

There aren’t many hostels in Logroño when you compare it to other cities in Spain. However, if you are looking for a hostel, try an albergue (a hostel for pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago). The albergues in Logroño are generally full when it’s peak season for the Camino de Santaigo, but if you are visiting Logroño from October to March, there should be room in the albergues for travelers.

Visiting Logroño Travel Guide

The Windeferful Hostel & Cafe is a year-round hostel option and is close to everything in this guide for visiting Logroño.

If you are looking for a hotel, there are plenty right around the casco antiguo. A few hotels we recommend are Hotel Los Bracos, Sercotel Hotel Portales, and Hotel Marqués de Vallejo.

While these are all good places to stay in Logroño, we recommend staying at an Airbnb. There are plenty of options at different prices ranges. You can get an entire place for yourself or rent a room in a local’s place.

Travel Guide Logroño La Rioja Spain

What to Do in Logroño:

Logroño is not the biggest autonomous community capital city in Spain, so you will be able to do most of your exploring on foot. If you want to venture out into La Rioja and visit pueblos or vineyards (bodegas), you will have to rely on the bus, train, or renting a car.

Visit a Bodega in Logroño – A bodega, or winery in English, is an absolute must-do when visiting Logroño. Logroño is in capital of the La Rioja region, which produces the best wine in all of Spain. However, most of the bodegas are located in the countryside outside of the city of Logroño. There are a few that you can visit right in Logroño though. Bodegas Franco Española is right in Logroño and offers tours. Another option is Campo Viejo, but it is a little further away on the outskirts of Logroño.

Visit Bodega in Logroño Franco Españolas

Explore the Murals Around Logroño – Logroño has quite a few murals painted on the side of buildings throughout the casco antiguo. Walking around and exploring the murals gives you a chance to see excellent public art as well as explore Logroño.

Visiting Logroño Murals

Concatedral de Logroño – It’s not the most majestic cathedral in Spain, and definitely not the most visited, but it’s right in the center of the casco antiguo and is worth a visit. There is even a painting of Michelanglo’s in the back behind the altar.

Pro tip! Bring 1€ so you can see the painting illuminated.

Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda Logroño
Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda in Logroño

Fun fact! It is technically not a cathedral. It’s a “co-cathedral” because each province can only have one cathedral, and La Rioja’s cathedral is located in nearby Calahorra.

Iglesia de San Bartolomé – There’s not too much to see here, but it is the oldest church in Logroño as it was built in the 12th century. The most impressive feature is the portal.

Visiting Logroño Travel Guide

Parque del Ebro – The Ebro River cuts through Logroño and the Parque del Ebro runs along the river throughout Logroño. If you are looking for a nature escape, a nice place to have a picnic, or somewhere to take in the sun during a quick siesta, Parque del Ebro is the place to do it. There’s also a great running, biking, or walking path that continues for miles along the river if you want some exercise.

Visiting Logroño Travel Guide

Monte Cantabría – Who doesn’t love getting a good view of a city from above? Well, if you hike up Monte Cantabría, which is located just opposite the river from the Plaza de Toros and Parque de La Ribera, you can see Logroño from above. It’s one of the best views of Logroño.

Hiking Logroño Monte Cantabria

Hike Part of the Camino de Santiago – The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous things to do in Spain and the passes right through Logroño. If you want to walk part of it, follow the yellow shells and arrows that will guide you from the center of Logroño east out of the city to La Grajera park.

Visiting Logroño Camino de Santiago

You can continue the 358 miles (576 km) east to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino if you are feeling adventurous, or just hike out to La Grajera and enjoy the afternoon there. For another view of the city, hike up Monte La Pila.

Hiking Logroño Monte La Pila

Where to Eat and Drink in Logroño:

Calle Laurel. Calle Laurel. Calle Laurel.

Calle Laurel is the best place to eat and drink in Logroño. If you visit Logroño and want a place to eat or drink, go here. You will not be disappointed.

Calle Laurel is a street in Logroño that is teeming with pinchos and wine. Pinchos, or pintxos in Basque, are northern Spain’s equivalent of tapas. These are not your Americanized version of tapas either, where you get small plates at $15 a pop. Nope. For 10€, you will be able to get a pincho and a glass of wine at about 4 different places on Calle Laurel.

Pro tip! If you are going out with friends, have everyone put 10€ into a bote (money pot). One person will be in charge of the money and pay at every place. When the money is gone, you can call it a night or put more in!

This is how the Logroñeses do it when they’re out for a night on Calle Laurel.

While Calle Laurel is an actual street in Logroño with pincho bars, it’s actually the name give to an area around it too that is filled with more pinchos bars. Check out Calle Albornoz, Travesía del Laurel, Calle San Agustín, and Calle de San Juan for more pincho options!

Calle Laurel Logroño

Overall, there are around 150 pinchos bars in this small area, giving you seemingly endless options of places to eat and drink. You will definitely not go hungry of a weekend visit to Logroño, or even during a longer visit!

While you can’t go wrong with whichever pincho bar you stumble into, there are some that are must-visits we want to point out in this guide for visiting Logroño.

Bar Soriano – If there’s one pincho you get, it should be this one. Simple, flavorful, and delicious. Bar Soriano is the best pincho in Logroño. It’s a stack of 3 mushrooms cooked in oil and garlic on top of a piece of bread and topped with a tiny shrimp. Absolutely exquisite, and again, a must for anyone traveling to Logroño.

Champi pinchos Logroño
Pinchos in Logroño on Calle Laurel

San Lorenzo “Tío Agus” – Bar Lorenzo is known for its famous “Tío Agus,” a marinated pork sandwich with a secret sauce. It’s absolutely delicious, just be careful so it doesn’t drip on you!

Juan y Pinchamé – Juan y Pinchamé offers a pincho with grilled shrimp and pineapple, a different mix from the traditional pincho, but a tasty one.

Bar Sebas – Bar Sebas is the place to get tortilla española on Calle Laurel. Tortilla española is a Spanish staple and a must-eat food in Spain.

Blanco y Negro – Blanco y Negro serves up a decadent pincho with toasted bread topped with goat cheese, jam, and jamón, another must-eat food in Spain.

Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda Logroño

Las Cubanas – While most pinchos are pretty cheap, Las Cubanas is a little more pricey, but it’s worth it for the cochinillo, or suckling roasted pig, in English. It’s rich, juicy, and mouth-watering, and definitely worth every bit extra.

Bar JuberaPatatas bravas are another staple in the Spanish diet. If you are looking to try them on Calle Laurel, head to Bar Jubera. You will most likely split them with whomever you’re with as the order is too big for one person. And don’t worry, they aren’t really that spicy at all.

La Gota de Vino – Last, but not least, is La Gota de Vino which has a small sandwich similar to Bar Lorenzo, but this is filled with mayo, ham, and bacon. It’s a delicious, and filling, pincho.

Visiting Logroño Calle Laurel

While pinchos are definitely the way to go when you are eating out in Logroño, it’s understandable that you may want to eat at a restaurant or two as well. Here are a few excellent restaurants in Logroño.

Bar Rincon de Pepe – If you want an off-the-beaten-path place to eat in Logroño, head to Bar Rincon de Pepe near the bus station. It’s a bar with a restaurant downstairs in the back. It doesn’t look like much, but the food is both cheap and incredible. It’s definitely a dive, but the service and food can’t be beat.

Restaurante La Meji – Restaurante La Meji is a mussels restaurant in the center of Logroño. If you are not into mussels, they also have other options. Although, it is a seafood heavy menu.

As you can see, there is plenty to do, see, and eat when visiting Logroño. It is still an under-the-radar travel destination, even among Spaniards. If you are looking for an authentic Spanish city to visit with the best wine in Spain at incredibly cheap prices and outstanding food, visit Logroño. You will not be disappointed, especially with the food and wine.

Travel Guide Visiting Logroño Spain

Have you ever been to Logroño? Do you have recommendations for visiting Logroño? What would you add to our Guide for Visiting Logroño?

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