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Welcome to our travel blog! We’re Mike and Becca, a couple who travels as much as they can, while balancing full-time work back home.

As anyone who knows us can tell you, we’ve always been passionate about traveling. Our goal, while lofty, is to someday make it to every country. While we’ve been to many countries, we still have quite a way to go.

Mike and Becca of MY Travel BF

During our travels, we like to explore the local culture and food scene, so you’ll be hearing a lot about both things as we share our experiences. We’ll also be giving our tips and advice for the places we’ve visited. Throughout our travels, we’ve had wonderful experiences but also a few mishaps and mistakes that could have easily been avoided had we known what to watch out for. We’ll be sharing these too, so you can avoid the same travel mistakes as us.

We’re very excited to share our stories, photographs, and advice with you as we continue to travel the world!

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  1. First comment. Nice. Looking forward to your post about the Sun Prairie Corn Festival!

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