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We know what a lot of people were probably thinking when we launched our travel blog: “Oh yay! *sigh* Another travel blog…” 

It’s totally cool if you were one of these people because we knew we’d get that reaction. There are lots of travel blogs and resources out there that offer plenty of information related to traveling. So what makes MY Travel BF different, and why do we write this travel blog?


We Love to Travel

This first one is obvious, and we’ll keep it short and sweet: We love to travel.

If we didn’t love traveling, we wouldn’t have started this travel blog.

Travel Blog Writing

Share Our Experiences

Aside from our love of travel, we want to share our experiences, both good and bad, so you can improve your own travels. We believe that we’ve had our fair share of unique travel experiences and want to share those with other travelers.

When we write about a city, country, or place we’ve visited, we write about our experiences and share what we recommend doing, seeing, and eating. There are lots of travel blogs out there that write as if they are experts on every destination they visit, even if they’ve only been there for a weekend trip. That’s not what we strive to do at MY Travel BF because obviously, no one can be an expert about a city and write an Ultimate Guide to (insert city name here) if they’ve only been there once. We hope that over time, as we travel more and more, we’ll be able to write true guides to cities throughout the world.

As always, if there is anything you would like us to write about, don’t hesitate to contact us because we’re here to help you and want to write content that’s useful to our readers. Please let us know what you like, and don’t like, or what you would like more of!

Why We Write This Travel Blog 2

We Love to Learn About New Cultures

One of the most beautiful things about traveling is that we, as travelers, can step outside of our comfort zones and meet people and learn about cultures from all over the world. This is especially important in today’s world where people in power are leading by fear of others and dehumanizing people who are”different” and from other parts of the world. Not to get too political, but if you’re truly scared of people seeking refuge and asylum who are trying to escape violence, poverty, and violations of their basic human rights, you’ve probably never met anyone outside of your small little bubble that consists only of people with similar life experiences to your’s.

As travelers, we believe that our duty is to learn from people all over the world and hear about their stories, learn how and why they do certain things differently than us, and educate people who are unable to travel and have the same experiences so they can learn and appreciate different cultures. In doing this, we believe that the world will become more open-minded and tolerant of each other’s differences, and we’ll be able to learn new ways of doing things from each other and make our own individual communities better places by implementing these ideas that might have never even been considered before.

Cuba Cafe

We Want to Share Resources

Lastly, we want to share our resources that help us travel more and travel better. Nearly everyone loves to travel, and we want to make MY Travel BF a travel blog that’s rich in travel resources for you. This could be anything from recommendations for travel gear to how to book cheap flights. It could also be our recommendations for various cities or tips on finding great local restaurants to eat at in new cities.

Everyone is a lifelong learner, and we’re still learning how to be better travelers ourselves because everyone can always learn more and improve in whatever they’re doing.

Although we’ve mentioned this before, our goal is to help you improve your travels, so we want to hear from you about what you’d like us to write about. We have ideas about how to help you, but many of our best ideas come from our readers who have travel related questions.

Why We Write This Travel Blog 3

Personal Diary

If we don’t achieve any of our goals with MY Travel BF, at the very least, we’ll have our own personal travel diary for ourselves and our future family.

We hope that we’ve already provided you with a bunch of travel inspiration, recommendations, and information, but if we haven’t, we hope to soon.

We absolutely love writing about travel and running MY Travel BF, and we wanted to let you know why we write this travel blog. Above all, we want to thank you for reading because you’re ultimately the reason we do this!


  1. All the best reasons! I love all of the insight and will totally be referencing in my travels when I get to (hopefully) go to all of these places! I’d love a Boston post! ♥️ Keep up the great work, friends!

    • Thank you, Megan! We’re glad you’ll be referencing us in your travels. As for that Boston post, we’ll try to get one up soon!

  2. We love your travel blogs! My favorite was on gift recommendations for people who love to travel. I’d also love to see a post on items you’ve heard are good but haven’t yet tried out but want to. Maybe get other travel-lovers to weigh in? Keep up your insightful writing guys!

    • Thank you Kay! That’s a great idea for a post. There are plenty of things out there we have not yet had the chance to try but would like to. We always like hearing feedback so if you know any other travel-lovers tell them to check out our blog!

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