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Now that the new year has started to settle in and we’ve looked back at both our best and worst travel moments of 2018, we’re starting to look ahead to 2019. While we don’t have 2019 all planned out (because who really does…), it has us really excited for a number of reasons, and we wanted to share what we’re looking forward to in 2019 with you!



Right at the beginning of the year, we’ll be heading to Chicago to see Hamilton! We’ve heard so many great things about the musical, and we’re so excited to finally be seeing it. Plus, we get to spend some time in Chicago.

The Corner Beet Denver Toast
Bahn Mi Toast

Plant-Based Travels

For the last 10 months, we’ve eaten almost a completely vegetarian diet. Every once in a while we’ll have seafood, but it’s not too often. We decided to cut out meat for ethical, health, and environmental reasons.

While last year we were having some incredible barbecue in Austin, Texas, this year we’ll be checking out great plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants in the cities we visit!



It’s been a few months since we went on our last trip, and while we’ve still been busy, we can’t wait to travel again. Insert: Nashville.

In January, we’ll be taking a long weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee for no reason other than we found cheap flights. Becca’s been to Nashville before, but Mike hasn’t.

If you have any recommendations for Nashville, please let us know!



About a month later, we’ll be taking another long weekend trip to Houston! We were able to use our Southwest points for these flights which allowed these trips to fit into our budgets.

Becca has a friend in Houston we’ll be visiting, but other than that, we have no other plans while in Houston. Hopefully, we like Houston as much as we did Austin, Texas!

If you have any recommendations for Houston, please let us know!

Boston for St. Patrick’s Day

A few friends of our’s recently moved to Boston, so we’re going to visit. We’ll also have a few other friends from New York City coming into town to visit too. It just so happens that this weekend is St. Paddy’s day, which should be a great time seeing as though we’ll be in Boston.



For our spring break, we opted to use more of our Southwest credit card points that we gained from earning our Southwest Companion Pass in 2018.

We wanted to check out an international destination that Southwest flew to, and Belize fit our timetable and budget. Our whole Belize itinerary isn’t planned out yet, but we have some ideas in mind.

Four Weddings

From spring through early fall, we have four weddings to go to (so far). This is the most number of weddings we’ve had in one summer, and we’re really trying to plan our travels around them.

Summer…of course!

Over the last couple summers, we’ve taken some pretty big trips because we want to take advantage of our summers off—a perk of working in education.

Currently, we have zero set plans because a lot of things are up in the air. There are tons of places we’ve looked at going, and we could end up on just about any continent. We guess you’ll just have to tune in and see where we end up…

Unplanned Adventures

As always, unplanned adventures will come up. While we can’t even begin to predict what they’ll be, we’re always excited for new, exciting adventures.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

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