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We know it’s been a while since we last wrote a blog post, and we apologize. As so often happens, life gets in the way. This past summer was not one of those travel-filled summers we have come to love. In fact, it was a very difficult summer for a multitude of reasons, and we had to take a difficult look in the mirror and make some decisions that were best for us financially and emotionally over what maybe we really wanted to do.

Our plan over the past year was to move from Milwaukee to another city in the US or abroad. While we searched for job opportunities in cities around the US that interested us ⁠— mostly Denver ⁠— nothing ever turned up. We also applied to teach English in Spain and even got as far as receiving job offers in Madrid.

All spring and into the summer, we debated about the pros and cons over moving abroad or to Denver without jobs. Obviously, the thrill and excitement of moving to Spain is almost overwhelming and had us the most excited of all the possibilities. However, it was stressful too.

We would have to leave our jobs in the US and had obligations back home that we would have really wanted to fly back for. This is costly, both in terms of money paying for flights, but also in terms of getting settled over in Spain.

There were some other personal things that we had going on that also played a part in our decision making. Unfortunately, Becca lost her grandfather this summer, and it put her in a very distressing place. Feeling the need to be around family and not bailing on everyone is really something that we had to think about.

Ultimately, after long conversations and much indecision back and forth, we decided that the best decision for us was to stay in Milwaukee another year, spend time with family, and save money in hopes of making a move abroad or elsewhere next summer.

The decision not to go live abroad right now was incredibly difficult and the decision-making process was very consuming. It went against everything we normally do and everything our hearts were telling us to do. We know it was the right decision though because we would like to be able to go next year without the worry of a financial burden or the feeling of . We will have an entire year to budget, plan, save, and decide where is the best place for us to go next.

In an effort to save money over this next year, we have decided to cut our travels down from past years, which isn’t fun in the short-term but will pay off in the long-term as we continue to try to travel the world.

While we will travel less this year, we will be more focused on budget-travel and how to travel for cheaper, so look forward to posts on how to best save money for traveling and how to travel for cheaper! Plus, this year will be an opportunity for us to get out and explore our own city of Milwaukee even more!

Thank you for continuing to read even after our extended absence. We hate that we haven’t written for a while, but the decision and consuming decision-making process that went along with it really took a lot out of us. We hope not to be gone for that long again and will continue to write more diligently to encourage, inspire, and help improve your travels!

Thank you!

Mike and Becca

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